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This is what my mate Mr. Tormay requested at last night’s Korean/Cajun fusion dinner.  He is fan of the varietal and quickly ordered this without hesitation.  I got a taste in before he polished it off and was very impressed.  In the glass it was more golden in color than I was expecting.  The glass burst with cut grass, apple and tart lemon flavors.  My initial taste was overwhelming.  Cat’s pee (a normal descriptor for Kiwi Sav Blac by the way) meshed with cut grass and green apple.  The waves continued with some citrus and cutting acidity.  The wine had quite a heavy presence in the mouth which made it that much more interesting.  This is not a thirst quenching easy to drink wine, it is much more food driven wine that offers complexity and depth.  I really liked it and will look for it in the shops.  $16 and 89 points make this a 4 star effort for me.  Salut….