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Continuing with my mission, I picked up this Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend for tonight.  If you have read my previous posts about this brand you will notice that I was concerned about the wines being closed, shut down for biz.  The lovely folks down under sent me a message to perform the Mollydooker Shake.  Basically the wine is finished with as little sulfites as possible, to preserve freshness they use Nitrogen which subdues the flavors.  Shaking the bottle and releasing the bubbles allows the wine to regain its composure and taste right.  I was dumbfounded and curious so I performed the shake with a test glass and a control glass.  The results were astonishing.  The glass on the left was the control and the one on the right was the test that I shook.  You can see the effervescence dissipating in the test glass.

IMG_0322The control wine had a very subdued nose and offered up Blackberry on the palate.  I could feel the acidity and noticed a certain sweetness, probably from the Merlot.  The finish was decent but lacked much tannic structure.  The test was a whole different beast.  Plums and black fruits on the nose came alive in the glass.  The initial attack mixed those flavors with chocolate and plums.  The mocha was very delineated and the acidity was somewhat reduced compared to the control glass.  The tannins remained in check and there was an overall balance to the wine.  Comparing this wine to the Maitre D’ I would say it is a much more approachable wine that is meant for easy drinking right away.  The pure Cab Matre D’ is much more structured and has a far greater cellaring potential.  This wine is delicious now as long as ‘the Shake’ is carried out.  Moxie and I drank it with grilled Calamari and vinaigrette laced Kale salad.  The control wine actually did better with the food as the acidity was equal to the vinegar component of the dressing.  She also made a broccoli and cauliflower soup garnished with bacon.  The test rocked this pairing.

Overall this is an excellent wine that I purchased for $23.  Somewhat limited in availability you should get some if you see it.  90 points and a 5 star effort from me.  Loving this winery!  Salut….