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I don’t get it….  This wine got huge scores, from 91 to a 96 from the man himself.  I must have had an off bottle, or the wine is in a dumb stage.  For me it was a disjointed mess, unbalanced and unsure.  On the nose it was very enticing, with earthy blueberry and a mineral streak.  On the first taste, black cherry and tar were the primary drivers.  The balance was all wrong though with the acidity and the tannins hitting on the front, rather than the mid and back palate.  The wine has potential if given time to sort itself out.  The flavors are interesting, if somewhat subdued.  I hate it when an expensive bottle turns out to be a dud, I so wanted this wine to rock.  I am going to have to give this a preliminary 2 stars based on its $60 price and my 87 points.  I will reserve final judgement for at least two more years and cellar the other bottle in hopes  of a better re-taste.  Salut….