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I love Port, but never seem to have any lying around so I only drink it when out to dinner.  I bought two bottles of this Vintage Port before Christmas and gave one to my parents, they love the stuff.  I opened my bottle last week and have been sipping on it every so often.

Gorgeous stuff is all I can say.  Dark flowing purple in the glass it explodes with aromas of blackcurrant, cassis and earth.  Slippery smooth on the palate make this a treat to drink.  Dark plum compote and blackberry tart come to mind with some leather and sweet candy- like twizzlers.  A generous use of wood is balanced out with loads of fruit weight.  The wine is somewhat tannic, which I thoroughly enjoyed along with a balance of fine acidity.  I did not decant the wine but the bottle showed signs of residue in case you have one lying around.  The cellaring potential for this wine is long, perhaps until 2030 at the least.  The back label has a ton of information relating to maturation, varietals, etc.  I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say it’s a delectable wine that finishes a nice meal in grand style.  93 points from me and a retail price of $60 make this a 5 star wine to be brought out for special occasions (mine happened to be a delayed Christmas season!).  Salut….