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In case you missed it, Moxie (the wife) and I are on the Paleo diet.  I have had no pizza or pasta for over three months and I feel better for it.  JJ, my daughter loves pasta and is a self-proclaimed 9 year old vegetarian.  This makes it really hard in our short-order kitchen to cater to all the various diets and preferences.  So…. last night I let her chose.  Spaghetti and Marinara sauce. I could not resist her charms and gave in, immediately seizing the opportunity to crack open an uncharted Brunello.  The sauce was dressed up with loads of spicy Italian sausage and I loved every guilt laden mouthfull.

The wine was just ok though.  It was touted as a 90 point wine with bright berry nuances and background notes of spice, cola, tobacco and leather.  I got blackberry, tar and some earth but no tobacco, no leather and very little spice.  What I did get was green tannins and a touch too much of acidity making this wine slightly unbalanced and off pointe.  The flavors were decent, don’t get me wrong.  The balance was very off-putting and I wish it would sort itself out.  I love Brunello yet know so little about it.  I was hoping for something delicious and was left wondering what happened.  I sadly will give this 86 points and hope for the best.  It cost me $25 on sale and will get 3 stars for now.  Hoping for a miracle on the other three bottles I bought.  Salut….