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I was excited to open this Burgundy with some appetizers last night, it’s been sitting in my ‘to drink’ rack for a few months now.  I was expecting Old World nuances in this Pinot Noir, but was greeted with bright cherries and strawberries on the nose.  Quite light in the glass as to be expected- but it was really light in the mouth as well.  Very delicate flavors of white cherries, some cranberry and floral notes plus a touch of herbs.  I sensed some tannic intrusions and the acidity was crisp yet the wine was very light in mouthfeel.  My mate ‘Johnny’ was over for the feast and he agreed that it lacked any body.  I think this wine needs another 5 years in cellar before it comes around.  I am hoping it gains a few pounds, picks up some funk and rewards me for the patience I am bestowing onto it!  One critic went as high as 92, I’m going with a preliminary 88 points for now and 3 stars for this $29 offering.  Salut….