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This is the third installment in my 4 year vertical of Mollydooker’s Carnival Of Love.  Check back later for the finale, it’s gonna be the 2012..  I hate to sound like I’m repeating myself, but the wines are very close in profile year after year and yet they offer annual nuances that I find intriguing.  The 2011 had the same telltale inky purple appearance and the nose had the same basic components yet I also got cherry and violets on this one.  I grew up in Kenya where my mother started collecting African Violets, she does so to this day.  They have a unique fragrance that is unmistakable to me.  This wine had traces of purple.

On the initial attack I was amazed by the piercing blueberry core.  It was like I was slurping pure blueberry essence, but not the sweet kind- just magnified and intense.  Later on came the nuances of cola, nutmeg and some plum action.  This wine is super smooth and very silky with traceable tannins lurking in the background.  I did not notice as much acidity as the 2010 but the wine was totally in balance.  It’s funny how this vintage scored slightly lower with the pro’s yet I find it more appealing over the previous year!  I believe 93 was awarded by RP and I agree this time.  I paid $72 for it on my worldly travels and give it 4 stars.  I served this wine up with some Scampi Shrimp and Garlic Broccoli, a pairing I kind of regret.  It needs a nice leg of Lamb or perhaps a juicy steak.  I am starting to see a trend here that I will bring up on the final installment of this mini-vertical.  For now have a great Valentine’s Day. Salut….