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I snapped a picture of the back of this bottle, it had the winery’s name that actually produce this wine for the resort.  Of course I deleted it prematurely (been happening a lot lately).  So, we’ll go without that info.  This bottle was a present, price unknown and there is nothing on the web about it.  I shall proceed….

Pretty with see-through purple hues and nice looking legs.  The nose of cherry, ginger and orange peel was quite exciting.  Cherry torte, orange marmalade and a touch of oak on the initial attack but a slight acidic bite on the first taste was a little offsetting.  Tasty mid palate with some cherry and clove notes left me with a good overall impression.  This is a decently made wine that gets 89 points from me.  I’m sure if you go to the resort they will have plenty around to sell, worth bringing home a case or two if it’s in the $15-20 range.  Salut….