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On my recent trip to Napa I ended up the Cosentino winery where Moxie and I visited two years ago.  Funny thing is she had a broken foot on that trip and I had one on this.  I digress.  I ended up tasting everything I could get my hands onto and ordering a case of wine to be shipped home- I also joined their mailing list, a first for me.

I was thinking of my parents when I ordered a few bottles of the Chard, which is made from Lodi fruit.  They like it crisp, not buttery and certainly not sweet.  This one filled all the requirements.  Medium gold in color with a nose of fresh citrus, green apples and quince. The first impression is of a medium weight wine with pear, apple and lemon. Not overly worked- this wine has a slight hint of malolactic fermentation and a deft use of oak. Very crafty. Generous mouthfeel and a touch of acidity make it easy to drink.  My member pricing was $16.  I’m going with 88 points and 4 stars.  Time to order more methinks, summer is coming and one needs a constant supply of chilled whites to pop at a moments notice!  It will go awesomely with some grilled shrimp, perhaps salmon mousse and cucumbers on melba toast- you get the drift.  Salut….

causation the chard