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When I wrote about the Chateau De By that I drank on a recent flight it fed into my Twitter feed.  I got a message out of the blue to which I replied:

@caspernick Noticed your wine feedback on ChateaudeBy. Do you know our other wines #ChateauGreysac #ChateauRollandeBy #ChateauHautCondissas

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Reply to @RollanDeBy

@caspernick May 17
@RollanDeBy I have certainly heard of them but have not had the pleasure to try them! Perhpas I will look for them in my local wine shop.


Well, It turns out I didn’t need to visit anything more than my cellar.  Back in 2008 a local wine shop was closing doors and I trudged through the snow and picked up anything I thought was worthy.  This ’05 was in the cart, and thankfully.

Opaque purple in the glass with a stunning nose of cassis, tobacco and plum with some earth. I’m so excited. The initial taste is fantastic! Blueberry torte, cassis, plum, and a flavor profile reminiscent of classed Pauillac. I’m shocked. This cry bourgeois is simply rocking my world. The mid palate is full-on secondary Bordeaux flavors of cassis, tobacco, leather and plum with fully integrated tannins that are fine grained and holding this wine together. Acidity is apparent but only as a balance to the structure. The finish is long with the tannins holding on for a good 40 seconds, working the gums into a frenzy. I know 2005 was a great year and this wine is taking advantage of the strengths of the vintage. I’m going with 93 points. Amazing!  You can still find it for $35.  RP gave it 90, WS 88.  I’m sticking with my guns, this is an awesome wine that  introduces one to the luxuries of Bordeaux without the high entry fee.  Decanting may be needed on this 5 star effort!  Salut….IMG_0790

rollan de by 2005