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I bought two bottles from this producer for a grand total of $8.  One was a Nero D’Avola and this one being a Sangiovese.  I was not expecting much, but really enjoyed the Nero poolside watching my daughter splash around at a hotel we just stayed in.  I took no notes but decided I should do so with this bottle now that I am home and not reeking of chlorine.

A pale purple color shows typicity of the varietal as does the nose of faint cherries and cinnamon.  I’m not expecting complexity or depth here but am pleasantly surprised so far as the wine comes across very smoothly on the intro and gives some cherry notes along with a cola thing.  The wine has more acidity than tannins and lacks any  semblance of wood.  The finish is decent in length and leaves me with a slightly drying sensation, hinting at some minuscule level of tannins being offered up.  Like I said- this is a basic wine.  It drinks easily and is a serious contender for a backyard BBQ, a poolside quaff or even a light pizza partner.  For $4 or even $6 this wine rocks it and I am giving it 84 points and 4 stars.  (I have had far worse wine in the First Class sections of many airlines).  Salut….

il roccolo sangiovese