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A friend of mine just brought this from Croatia.  He loved the winery and enjoyed their wines, so I got the spoils!  It travelled 3/4 of the way around the world before I let it sit for a week to settle down.  The varietal, Plavac Mali is found predominantly in Croatia and is a distant relative to Zinfandel.  It is tannic, high in alcohol and produces rich wines.  This one is see-through, light purple, almost a touch orange.  Delightful nose of black currants, cranberry and green peepers.  The initial taste is interesting to say the least:  upfront tannins and a dose of blue fruits with some licorice.  The dryness of the tannins carries on throughout and is the finale.  On the mid palate more red than blue fruits but I also get some acidity interlaced with the tannins.  The finish is all tannins, with just a hint of blueberry.  This wine would rock some minced meat kebabs, perhaps a grilled lamb chop too.  89 points for this delicious wine.  The 14.5% alcohol is hidden well and the structure is solid here.  I couldn’t find much info on pricing, but one place in Europe used to sell it for 28 Euros.  That would make this a 3 star effort.  Salut….
sorta katarina plavac mali