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The last time I had an Australian Port was in 1999, in Sydney.  It never really dawned on me to search them out.  I recently got back into Port drinking and just ordered 10 different bottles to try out.  This is the first of them and I am looking forward to this adventure.

The newly arrived Ports

In the glass it resembles it’s style-tawny…  It has a brownish, purply tinge to the see-through base.  The nose is nutty, with plum reduction and a hint of oak.  There is a certain youth to go along with the mellowed out nuances in the nose of this aged wine.    On the palate- orange marmalade, raisins and hazelnut mingle with a plum base.  The wine is slightly syrupy and shows nice legs in the glass.  The 18% alcohol is well masked and there is a trace of very fine grained tannins running through the mid palate and on to the long finish.  Speaking of which, the finish has more of the orange notes I got on the opening as well as some oak, almond and raisin.  It lasts a while, with not much sign of the alcohol at all.  Overall this is a very tasty dessert wine that has aged nicely and is ready for business.  I’m going with 90 points and for $19 this is a 4 star effort.  Salut….

enfolds club tawny port