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It’s not often at a restaurant that someone walks past your table, plops a half finished bottle down and says ‘Enjoy’!  Well, that’s what happened the other night at a Bay Area steak house where I was having dinner with Moxie and Jet, my number 3 son.  I was already well into the 2014 Spellbound, but I took the time out to make a very brief taste test of this Aussie blend of Cabernet and Shiraz.

Gorgeous nose. Blueberry, blackberry and açaí berry.  The palate shows off abrupt tannins, nice finish and good structure.  89 points.  I researched it and found out it retails for $14, making it a 5 star wine in my books.  (Sorry about the abbreviated review, but this one was obviously not planned!).  Salut….