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We were over at our South African friend’s house for dinner and the hostess pulled this unfortified dessert gem out.  I was not in much of a state to make notes, but I did scratch these down:  Nose is unique- lanolin, beeswax, lemon curd, and turmeric.  Orange marmalade and apricot jam are the key components on the palate.  The finish is mid length, more orange notes yet the curry component still lingers.  It is truly bizarre yet somewhat intriguing.  I enjoyed it and appreciated the nuances of variety, the terroir differences and the subtle changes in style.  89 points from me and without any pricing info it’s hard to give it points.  This Chenin Blanc is tasty and will pair beautifully with some Blue Cheese, Creme Brûlée or even some chocolate eclairs!  Salut….