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Quite dark but lacking much opacity in the glass.  On the nose it reeks of New World Pinot goodness.  Cherry cobbler, vanilla and strawberry coulis all hit me on the nose.  The palate has a gorgeous initial streak of bing cherry, blueberry (yup), cedar and spice box.  There is a fruitcake note on the midpalate that tempers some acidity.  The wine finishes with a slightly green note- capsicum comes to mind, but it’s quite nice.  The vegetal twist alongside the red fruit works well here.  There is an underlying astringency from the very feint tannins.  This is a delicious wine for immediate consumption or a few years in the cellar. 90 points and 5 stars for this $19 effort.  Pair with roast chicken, grilled salmon or Veal chops.  You can read my previous reviews of the Saint Clair lineup to see I am a huge fan, for good reason.  Salut….