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I’m excited to try the 2014 version of Zenato’s Ripassa.  I reviewed the 2012 version previously.  In the glass it is as expected- dark, opaque, thick.  On the nose- somewhat fresh, with blackberries, raisins, chocolate ganache and sandalwood.  On the palate it is lush, filled with black fruits, purple licorice and mouth coating tannins.  It does however leave me feeling a little short changed.  I remember this wine as being richer, with mouthfuls of fruit, much more upfront and reduced.  This version seems a little more subdued, more mainstream.  It’s plenty flavorful, with good balance between acidity and tannic structure- don’t get me wrong.  Perhaps they have changed styles into a more refined approach.

The mid palate and finish pretty much carry on from the initial palate and let the tannins crescendo at the end.  There is however a slight astringency that hits me on the back end.  I cannot quite pinpoint it.  Serve with charcuterie or grilled steak from now till 2025.  89 points and 3 stars for this $24 effort.  Salut….