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As you may have read in my last post- the assignment for the wine course I am taking has a comparison between a dry Aussie Riesling with a sweeter German Auslese. Here is the official review that I submitted:

Dr. H. Thanisch Berncasteler Ley Riesling Auslese 2017.  Mosel, Germany.  8.5% ABV

Appearance : 

  • Intensity : Pale
  • Color : Gold

Nose : 

  • Intensity : Light 
  • Aroma characteristics : Primary notes of Mango, Passion Fruit and Apricot.  Secondary aromas of Gingerbread.

Palate : 

  • Sweetness : Medium
  • Acidity : Medium
  • Alcohol : Low
  • Body : Medium
  • Flavor intensity : Pronounced Primary flavors of  Peach and Apricot.   Tertiary flavors of Honey and Marmalade.
  • Finish : Medium

Conclusions : Very good quality, unctuous but not overly sweet.

Moxie was tasting with me but she thought this wine was too sweet for her. It’s a good quality drop if you are in the market but it runs $32 right now, getting 92 points makes it a 5 star sweetie. This one will last a good while, till 2035. Salut….