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I have never tried this grape variety (Saperavi) and in my research found out that it is a red skinned grape that also has red juice. This is not typical as most red grapes have clear juice. This bottle hails from Georgia, the birthplace of wine so they tell me. It is paler than I thought it would be but a lovely shade of ruby in the glass. At 12.5% ABV I was not expecting much in the legs department either. The nose is bright and airy with cherry, raspberry, rhubarb and believe it or not- a touch of alcohol. The palate is off-dry, with just a hint of sweetness. I like it- goes with the light and fruity nose. It is very lithe yet has a nice acidic crunch. Cherry, cedar and sour strawberry all lead me to think this could be a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault. It’s unique and delightful. The tannins are very gentle and caressing, with a decent length finish. I am really enjoying this wine which I picked to pair with Pork Tenderloin. I think it’s delicacy will go well with the mild white meat. 88 points from me for this $13 find that gets 4 stars. Try it if you can find it, it’s gonna be a great summer sundowner. Salut….