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It is hot outside, like 93F plus.  One can only think of a cool crisp white wine at happy hour, plus I am grilling some spatchcocked chickens on the Weber and think a Riesling will do the trick in tempering the spices I rubbed on the bird.

Medium lemon colored with watery legs, giving away its lithe 9.5% ABV.  On the nose I get pronounced lemon, lime and grapefruit aromas along with blossom and ginger.  The palate is off-dry with good acidity, nice weight on the body and lively flavors of citrus- lemon, tangerine, lime and grapefruit.  The ginger component happens a little later, on the mid palate as does the floral note.  The low alcohol makes this wine a little lighter and fresher with the acidity helping to keep it spry.  Very refreshing, I think the hint of sweetness will meld nicely with the cajun style spice on the bird.  Really yummy stuff that begs for a swimming pool on a hot day to sit by and sip this easy going yet rather complex wine.  91 points from me and for $29 it’s a good intro to this style of Mosel Riesling.  5 stars.  Salut….