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Our third wine of the evening (virtual wine tasting) was this Xinomavro from Greece.  Having never tried this varietal everyone was on an even keel starting out with some loving it and others hating it.

Reminiscent of Pinot or Nebbiolo this wine is see-through and has a beautiful shade of ruby in the glass.  It’s a vegetal wine with earthy tones on the nose alongside syrupy anise, white pepper, rhubarb, tomato and BBQ sauce (I know…..just go with it).

The palate is dry with high levels of tannin, medium acidity, medium body and a medium length finish.  Tart cherries are the flavor of the day- this wine was loaded with sourness which was off-putting to some.  Rhubarb, another tart component, was present as was cranberry.  See where I’m going here?  A touch earthy there was perhaps a bit of licorice as well.  This wine was revered by the New Jersey peeps, and poo-pooed by the Maryland crowd.  Technically speaking I gave it 90 points and feel it is worthy of a re-taste tonight after it has had some air.  For $23 you too can explore this Greek varietal and let us know your thoughts.  4 stars, with a drinking window till 2027.  Salut….