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Vin de Paille is a new one to me- basically a sweet wine made from grapes that have been dried on straw mats and then pressed.  The resultant must being very high in sugar, hence a sweet wine once it has fermented to over 14% ABV by law.  This one is medium amber in the glass.  The nose reminds me of sherry- loads of nuts, caramel, orange marmalade, toffee, stewed apricot and marzipan.  Quite complex and exciting. The palate is medium dry, not as sweet as I was expecting.  It is a touch bitter, like orange rind.  Juicy acidity and a full body with great delivery of the tertiary notes that this developed wine has gained.  My mouth is watering, either from the acid or the sheer desirability to take another taste- not sure which.  It is quite buoyant even though it’s full bodied.  A very slippery wine that is easy to fall for.  I love a good Botrytised wine, but this style of dessert wine is catching on with me.  It retails for $63 and gets 93 points from me.  It will drink well for another decade and gets 5 stars.  Try something different in the sweet whites!  It begs for a creamy Cambozola with some nuts and dry crackers.  Salut….