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Pale lemon colored with medium intensity aromas of lush tropical fruit- pineapple, papaya and kiwi fruit intermingled with pear, rose petals and bruised red apple.  The palate is dry with medium (-) acidity and medium body.  Flavors of papaya and pear dominate with kiwi and bruised red apple supporting. The papaya and apple both have a unique, overripe accent that makes this quite interesting and adds to the body of this lush wine.  It has a medium length finish with a touch of astringency from almond seed that I find intriguing.  This is an interesting varietal that I am thoroughly enjoying.  Tonight I am pairing it with Chinese inspired dishes including some spicy chili infused plates.  I believe the wine will stand up to the heat and complexity of the fare.  89 points for this $18 wine makes it a 4 star effort to try out.  Drink now.  Salut….