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I must say- this wine is intriguing.  Normally Zinfandel is relatively deep hued and high in alcohol.  This one is pale to medium ruby colored with thin legs that took a while to form.  It sports a more modest 13.5% ABV.  The nose is spicy with pepper, menthol, clove, dark chocolate, black plum and black raspberry.  The palate is dry with sweet, ripe fruit.  Medium acidity coupled with medium (-) tannins make for a relatively easygoing mouthfeel.  Medium bodied- I get flavors of black raspberry, plum, white and black pepper, blackberry jam and a crescendo of acidity on the back end that is starting to make my jaw water.  I did not get that level of acid at the onset but it is certainly prominent on the finish, which is medium in length.  I like this non-vintage, old vine wine, it has a smoothness and drinkability that make it hard to put down.  The spicy nature of the grape is perfect for my pairing- Middle Eastern fare including Kafta ( a spiced ground Lamb kebab) and Harissa potatoes along with olives and other sundry items.  89 points for this $21 non-vintage bottle makes it a 4 star effort to drink now.  Salut….