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Mixed emotions on this one as I have opened three bottles on different occasions before coming to a conclusion.  It was rated very highly when I bought a case of this 50/50 blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon.  I would not normally drink such a blend, but with a nice write-up, what the heck.  Firstly, this blend does not work for me, secondly- my initial bottle was tremendously disappointing.  Thin is the descriptor that comes to mind.  This wine had nothing going for it.  Sangiovese is well known in Chiantis and is regarded as a light grape.  When mixed with the powerhouse Cabernet, neither grape got a chance to shine, merely masking the power of the Cab, and totally drowning out the Sangio.  With 6 years of age, there could have been some secondary flavors starting to develop, but I sensed none.  The nose lacked any formal fruit, and the tannins were a little screwy.  Over a period of three hours, it did develop some Strawberry hints on the mid-palate, thanks to the Sangiovese, but nothing really powerful.  Bottle two was a bit better as there was a definite delineation between the two grapes.  I could make out some of the nuances of each but still had a hard time with the winemakers choice of blend.  Bottle three was by far the best and was actually pretty good.  I detected telltale fruit on the nose, the midpalate seemed right and the tannins were present but unobtrusive.  Overall this wine is a major letdown and a big pass.  2 Stars, and only because the third bottle came through for me.  As for a formal rating, I cannot even dream of what it deserves, perhaps an 80-88 depending on which bottle you get stuck with.  Wish me luck on the remaining 9……i balzin white label