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Moxie and I traveled to Bali for a wedding, via Napa Valley.  We ended up getting delayed on our arrival and missed out on winery visits, but the hotel had a beautiful terrace where we ordered this bottle to enjoy as an aperitif.  Very young, and served from 375 ml, this was definitely a treat.  Not too oaky or buttery, it was slightly more austere.  Great apple meets lemon on the nose traversed to the palate where it was smoothly mixed with some butterscotch on the back end.  Reminiscent of Burgundy, I sensed very aligned acidity, yet not razor sharp.  There is a time and a place for that kind of component.  This wine was very balanced and smooth.  I enjoyed my glass immensely and would highly recommend it for a pre-dinner drink, but it would pair amazingly with some poached salmon and boiled new potatoes.  I’m guessing this wine has at least 10 years in it and would be interesting to watch it’s development.  At $36 per bottle on average, you are getting what you pay for here.  Quality Napa Chardonnay at a fair price.  4 stars, 90 points….