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Well, it’s Sunday night and we did things backwards this weekend.  Sunday Roast happened on Saturday and Ribeye steaks on Sunday.  I added the ‘make your own salad’ to our menu as I have some picky peeps.


SO- I picked a Petite Sirah to go with the steaks. When choosing wine for a fatty cut, I look for tannic wines or really fruity ones with plenty of acidity. Petite Sirah, of which I am a closet fan, gives both. This particular bottle showed off some of the prettiest purple hues in the glass, a beautiful sight. On the nose, tremendous waves of blueberry fruit and a somewhat exciting alcohol component. I was ready to pair the wine with our dinner. Crescendoes of blueberry and blackberry came rushing over my palate with an extremely fine grained set of tannins. I was looking forward to some slightly more edgy tannins to cut the fat, but instead I was treated to a healthy dose of acidity. The combination was magical. Instead of the mouth-puckering tannins sorting the beef out, I was treated to a more austere approach with the acidity making up for the backbone. Secondary flavors of stone and bell peppers added to the treat. Petite Sirah is an amazing varietal, not everyones cuppah. It is bracing, tannic, acidic and needs to made well. It offers black and blue fruit, big tannins and an a bright acidity. It does not resemble Syrah at the least. Give it a try, you may love it….. For $30, this is a great effort for a nice steak dinner and worthy of 91 points and 4 star in my book. Salut….