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For tonight’s dinner, I prepared a Chicken Alfredo with seasonal salad and garlic bread (yummmm)  I first thought a Chianti would be a good match, but alas there is a new wine in my cellar from Sicily that begs to be opened.  Nero D’Avola is native to Sicily and means Black of Avola.  I didn’t get much on the nose, perhaps a hint of blue fruit but some alcohol mixed in there.  This particular wine is not very dark but shows off really sweet tannins with plum compote on the palate.  Spiciness and a certain rock minerality show through and there is definite acidity here.  I think the structure will bode well for short term cellaring and the wine could mellow somewhat and hide that 14.5% alcohol.  My guess is that the volcanic soils of Sicily perhaps influence the secondary flavors??

I am always on the hunt for new and exciting wines.  Another varietal that comes to mind is Aglianico.  Very tannic but delicious, you should be on the lookout for some if you hanker for some mouth puckering juice fit to sort any cut of meat out.

At $35 this wine is not a bargain and only gets 3 stars from me due to the price.  Technically speaking, I would rate it 89 points. I do like the label though!  Salut….