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Half and half Grenache and Carignan, a great blend from the Roussillon region.  I was seeking a basic country wine to go with my roast chicken and Peri Peri sauce (spicy as a mo-fo) with Arugula (Rocket) salad, more spice.  I needed a raw, acidic, somewhat tannic, fruit forward wine for my meal.  I was not far off.  Usually, spice kills the red wines as I discovered.  This particular dinner was more about spice than heat.  The Peri Peri sauce comes from Nando’s, a South African restaurant that uses the sauce to warm things up a bit.

The wine itself was purchased for about $15.  A great deal considering the big man gave it a 90+ rating.  I’m going with 89.   It offers up raw Blueberry, green peppers and lithe tannins with a bracing acidity.  The blue component was the right anti-spice and the acidic component was right up my alley for the meal.  It’s difficult to pair red wines with anything spicy, the rougher the better I reckon.  What I mean is that finesse has no place here.  The fruit needs to be forward and really in your grill.  Secondary nuances are overwhelmed.  Stick to the basic, young country wines that have the brawn.  This is a wine that is flexible, capable of tackling heat, grilled meats and even roast chicken.  I would imagine it would kill a Lasagne.  4 stars in my system.  Salut….