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Last night Moxie banged up some amazing veggie stuffed flank steaks.  I needed a juicy, big , fruity wine to match her culinary skills.  I opened this Malbec from Argentina’s Mendoza region and give her a half cup for the marinade/sauce.  I then went to the glass.  Beautiful purple with some great plums and blackberry on the nose.  A delicious palate of dark berry, purple plums and chocolate.  Medium tannins and good acidity make this a juicy drink for $15.  However, as good as it was while we were cooking, it became muted as soon as I sat down for dinner.  The wine did not hold up to the meat at all.  I was really surprised.  After dinner, it came back to life without any food around.  I have never seen this happen.  A great drinking wine, but not worthy of pairing with food, strange.  Anyway, I would buy it again for the price and simply drink it before or after dinner, perhaps at a party- problem solved!  3 stars and 88 points for me.  Salut….