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An extremely interesting flavor from this Chardonnay that had me bewildered.  I finally figured it out, after the fact.  Quince.

A nice yellowish hue in the glass gives way to a nose full of apple, pear and a touch of oak.  On the palate is where the action happened for me.  The quince was predominant, with apple and citrus in the background.  Crisp acidity and a generous mouthfeel made this an enjoyable wine.  It was brought on the trip by a friend (who we shall name Big Horn) and I will endeavor to find it back at home, I would like a re-taste.  I see this going great with a Nicoise salad, perhaps a cold poached salmon dish with dill.  A quick perusal on the web tells me it can be had for about $13.  4 stars and 88 points from me.  This winery is consistent, they make tons of really good wine with great pricing to boot.  This particular wine was indeed a different Chard that needs to be tried.  Salut….