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I have always wanted to try this wine, it’s list of accolades is long and distinguished.  I had my chance last night, pre-dinner with some very close friends.  I unscrewed the cap and poured a small taste into the glasses, not sure of the need to decant or aerate.  My hunch was correct and out came the Vinturi.  A very young wine, with brute strength and bold fruit.  Inky purple in the glass it offered up plums and blackberry on the nose.  The first attack was blackberry tart and plum torte.  I later picked up the vanilla and oak mingling in the fray.  This wine is not a jammy Aussie Shiraz, but more like a fruit concentrate ready to burst.  Albeit young, the tannic component seems subdued.  The one thing of note is the deft masking of the massive 16% alcohol.  This is a feat in and of itself.  I prefer lower alcohol but appreciate the winemakers touch when such camouflage is executed so perfectly.  The result is a delicious wine, somewhat young and in a dumb phase I reckon.  I will cellar the rest and wait another 2 years before I venture there again.  $22 and 90 points from me make this a 4 star effort.  Salut….