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If you read my post on the Santa Ana disaster, it leads into this wine.  My buddy bought two bottles of the nasty stuff and returned one the next day.  They offered him this bottle as a replacement so I don’t know the value of it.  A lighter shade of red in the glass and some hints of raspberry on the nose.  On the palate I got red cherry and strawberry with some earth.  Not my favorite profile for a Cab Sav but I was willing to roll with it.  Nice mouthfeel yet not very complex.  I don’t think this is a serious/expensive wine yet it was intriguing.  Suffering from jet lag and hunger we polished it off and headed out for dinner.  If this was a $10 bottle I would give it 3 stars.  I reckon it is an 85 point wine and think you may enjoy it as an aperitif.  I can’t quite pick a pairing because of the somewhat strange flavors for the varietal, best to be drunk by itself I reckon.  Salut….