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I have just returned back from a month in Asia, eating at restaurants and not having access to my own cellar.  Well, my first meal at home was a huge success.  Moxie threw together some Korean Short Ribs, mashed Cauliflower, Carrots and a Kale salad.  I needed a rustic, powerful wine to go with the multi-dimensional ribs which had been slow cooking all day.  I decided on the Christopher Creek from the Russian River Valley as I remembered it to be rather full bodied and high in alcohol, something I figured might help cut the fattiness of the meat.  I was spot on.  What I did not realize was that the wine has evolved since I last drank it 18 moths ago.  Smoother, more mellow and not visibly showing off it’s 14.3% alcohol any more.  The baby fat is gone off this brooding monster.  Dark purple and ready to go with black currant, black berries with a touch of cassis.  Very smooth with fine grained tannins and a good cutting acidity.  This wine keeps getting better and I reckon will further evolve, perhaps drinking well until 2018 at the least.  The pairing was awesome and my love of Petite Sirah has been cemented yet again.  I believe it used to retail for $33.  I am going with 91 points and 4 stars.  Salut….