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The difference between me and a pro is their ability to taste many wines in one day.  I tend to linger and allow my thoughts to transcend to the next bottle.  Unable to cleanse my palate or my mind of what was, I can’t accurately taste what is.  Last weekend we entertained friends at a great restaurant where we started out with the De Toren Fusion V.  I enjoyed it so much yet when it was finished I wanted something else, I was greedy and looking for two home runs off the wine list.  I scoured the offerings and decided to go with this Napa Valley icon.  I had only had it once before and remembered it as somewhat tannic, yet delicious.  Bring it on…

Deep purple hues with plums galore on the nose started me off .  Chocolate and espresso mixed with dark fruits on the palate made for a rather complex wine that had silky tannins and balance in acidity.  I would say it was technically a very good wine, 91 points in my books.  My only concern was that I had poisoned my thought process with one style of wine yet here I was trying out a totally different one, wishing it could be like the first, a conundrum.  I must learn to get past that in the future if I am to spend large amounts of cash trying several pricey wines in one sitting.  Alas I digress, I did hit two home runs that night.  $50 and 4 stars from me.  Salut….

chapellet cabernet sauvignon