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I will pre-empt this post with the fact that I only bought a six pack, silly me.  Straight out of the bottle and into my glass for a lovely perfumed nose of violets, plums and cocoa.  Fruity and full-on explosion of blue fruits, pomegranate, mint and raspberry that sort of surprised me. Full bodied and almost syrupy, this wine has texture. Fine grained tannins are well integrated and the balance is razor sharp. Wow, this is good Cabernet Franc, and you know how I love this varietal. 93 points from me (One of the pros gave it 92, close enough).  2014-2019 would be a great window to enjoy this powerful, structured wine.  So easy to drink all by itself but it would pair beautifully with a lean cut of beef, perhaps coq-au-vin as well.  This wine has a near perfect mouthfeel for me.  Made by the famous Jonathan Maltus, this time from Napa Valley instead of his usual stomping grounds in Bordeaux.  Who wouldn’t pay $25 for this wine?  5 stars for sure.  Salut….

Worlds End Cabernet Franc Reserve Against The Wind