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A funny thing happened on the way home.  I was on the return flight across the country, flying on United Airlines when I decided to try their other premium offering.  I asked for the Pinot Noir and was given a Chardonnay.  I returned it for something a little more red and ended up with a Zin.  The wait was excruciating, I had already paid my $15.99 for a 375 ml and was now forced to endure the flight attendant’s attempts to open the bottle.  It took a good 5 minutes longer than it should, for a good reason.  See below….


The real story is the wine…which was served in a plastic cup again.  The notes:

I get some “nothing” on the nose, the cup does this wine no justice.  The initial taste is pleasing with black plum, some bramble and dark cherry cola. A spiciness hits the mid palate and I get some very integrated tannins on the finish. The wine is quite tasty and flows well with good mouthfeel. The 14.5% alcohol is well masked as is a touch of acidity. This wine is 4 years old and drinking at peak now. This is United’s other premium red wine offering and is worth the trade up from two smaller bottles of their regular $7.99 offerings. I’m finding Zins from Livermore are getting better and more refined. I’m glad I tried this one. 87 points and 3 stars.  The average score across the web is 84-86 points and retails for $13, I guess I was enamored!  It went great all by itself but would pair nicely with some Osso Bucco, perhaps a spicy sausage pasta or even some roasted chicken.  Salut….

wente beyers ranch zinfandel

Yup, she really did try it!!!