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I last tasted this wine in it’s infancy, with instructions to revisit later.  Eighteen months on and it’s starting to open up, evolve and change in fruit flavors.  When I initially reviewed the BriO I only gave it 88 points.  This time is different.

Deep, rich purple hues with a nose of black currants, violets and cinnamon. The initial attack consists of blackberry, tar, and plum pudding. The wine is still showing some primal tannins, but they integrate well with the acidity. The mid palate and finish offer up more plums and a hint of eucalyptus. A medium length ending that leaves a certain tannic edge that begs for some red meat- good thing I’m doing kebabs tonight. I think this wine is just opening up and will drink well for another 5 years. 90 points and 3 stars for this $40 bottle.  Salut….

brio de cantina brown 2010