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Run, don’t walk to your local wine shop if you have any desire to taste a delicious Brunello.  I don’t have notes on this wine as I drank it at a company hosted dinner and thought it would be rude to whip out the ole iPhone and ignore the boss for the sake of a review.  I will say that I took away some main points- it is textbook Sangiovese that is drinking on pointe, the flavors are rich and balanced, the acidity and tannins are right where they need to be and the wine was a superb accompaniment to the Lamb chops with mint sauce.

Good Brunellos will evolve and in their evolution will take on Pinot Noir characteristics reminiscent of aged Burgundy.  This wine is on the path and I am super excited for it- the trail is well marked and it has the backbone, stuffing and correct components to get there and provide years of pleasure.  While it drinks beautifully now, it will no doubt be an amazing wine in another 10 years and more.  The pro’s gave this one huge scores and I will do so as well.  96 was the highest and WS gave it 95.   I concur and given its $40 price tag this wine is a steal and worthy of 5+ points.  Salut….

san felice campo giovanni brunello di montalcino 2010