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I’m in Japan and wanted to enjoy something red in my hotel room.  I found this bottle at what looked like an Import Gourmet shop.  I paid 1280 Japanese Yen for it, but it can be found for $8 USD.  The notes:  See-through pale purple that gives away the extraction of this wine.  On the nose- subdued hints of dark cherry fruit and a touch of leather.  Very hard to discern from a straight glass (no wine glasses in the hotel room!).  On the palate I’m getting some black fruit and telltale Sangiovese notes.  The wine has a refreshing acidity and a slight dryness from the well camouflaged tannins.  The finish is short but decent, leaving behind some tannic components that grip the gums.  This wine is relatively light in extraction, easy to quaff and a decent sundowner.  84 points make this a 2 star wine.  Would I buy it again?  Negative.  Salut….

puccini chianti