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A college friend moved to our area last year and we have been trying to meet up more than just once every six months, so when he suggested bringing over some vino and charcuterie on a beautiful Saturday afternoon….  I lit the outdoor fire and cleared the patio.

First up was this gem from Napa.  Relatively young, I figured it could use decanting.  We drank it with various cold meets and cheeses and talked of the old days.  It was a fun afternoon and the wine certainly made it a memorable experience.  I did not take notes but am relying on my memory.

Color was textbook and the nose had plum, dark fruits and a hint of oak.  On the palate, super smooth.  If nothing else, this wine glides like buttah.  A rounded mouthfeel full of more dark plum and black berries.  The tannins were very integrated and not drying.  Either the decanting really did the trick or the wine is very stealthy with hiding them.  A balanced acidity make this wine very easy to drink now, but I think it will cellar well for a few years (Say till 2022).  Our pairing was excellent with the cold cuts but think this wine will be great with a fall dish like Osso Bucco, Coq au Vin or even Venison stew.  I’m liking it a bunch and will go 90 points on this $42 offering.  3 stars and worthy of splashing out with good friends.  Salut…

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