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I’m a huge fan of this winery and am working my way through their offerings and revisiting some that I have had a chance to cellar.  I keep a stash of wines in my locker at ‘work’.  Those of you that know me will realize that my locker is half way around the world from home, but I have some gems in there that have been sitting patiently in near perfect conditions- 60 F, humid and dark.  I met up with a mate from downunda, whom we shall call Mr. Rangley and I pulled this one out for a tasting.  The last time I drank the 2011 Blue Eyed Boy it was delicious so I was really looking forward to it.

Blueberry nose with plum ganache- delicious.  On the palate is a thick, long blueberry note with dark chocolate and graphite.  The mid palate involves a full blown explosion of more blue fruits, vanilla bean and rolling tannins.  I detect some heat which makes sense as this one packs 16% alcohol.  The finish is long and full of blueberry pie, 92 points all day long.  I did not notice too much evolution over the past three years which is interesting.  I’m not sure where this wine is going over its life span but it is built for the long haul and may yet develop nuances of age and secondary flavors.  If it doesn’t that is fine too – a unique tasting Shiraz that is well made and a treat.  5 stars at $40.  Drink all by itself for the ultimate experience of this wine but if you must pair it- Filet Mignon with Bearnaise sauce and some asparagus will do the trick.  Salut….

blue eyed boy shiraz