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I have never tried or even heard of the Ruche grape, so I just had to give it a go.  I’m winging it here with ratings and recommendations as I am flying blind and don’t know what to expect or what is typical.

A see through lighter purple in the glass.  Nose of candy, strawberry and red licorice, very reminiscent of California Syrah.  The initial tastes are peppery strawberry, red currants and some rather astringent tannins.  The mid palate changes it up and introduces some tar, more red fruits and a very dry mouthfeel.  Interesting to say the least.  The tannins keep going through to the end where they mix it up with more strawberry.  Somewhat one dimensional in my opinion.  I bought it for $25 and it apparently got 98 points from a critic.  I cannot agree nor can I argue, I just don’t know this grape- but for my money it comes in at 89 points and 2 stars.   I would pass unless you like the lighter style of California Syrah, with some perky tannins thrown in.  Salut….

Montalbera Ruche Di Castagnole Monferrato Laccento