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If you read my post about the Eve Chardonnay, you will know I am a fan of Charles Smith Wines.  I couldn’t help myself and bought this Merlot for the tasing.

It appears as a very light purple with low opacity.  The nose gives off candied plum, not my favorite profile mind you.  There’s a bit of oak in there as well.  I am leery going in for the first sip.

All is good- it is a decent wine, not overly oaked and offering ripe tannins, juicy acidity and plums galore.  I get Blackberry on the mid palate transition after the initial plum injection.  The wine is somewhat one dimensional but it will appeal to many for its smoothness and bracing tannins.  The dryness is great if you are into that kinda thing.  Overall, refreshing and tasty.  An easy going wine that will do well with grilled New York Strip, perhaps a hearty baked ziti.  I paid a mere $11 for it and am going with 89 points and 4 stars.  You may want to sit on a few bottles until 2019 to see how they develop.  Salut….