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The first thing I noticed was the length of the cork.  It was super long, Magnum size.  Made me wonder…  In the glass this wine is somewhat opaque with a lighter purple hue. On the nose it offers tart cherry, red berries and muted barnyard.  On the palate I get some really refreshing strawberry and cherry notes.  Crisp acidity and gentle tannins are also present.  The wine is young, very young.  Nutmeg and kirsch appear later on, a strange combination but I’m liking it.  The tannins are really kicking in towards the mid to finish leaving me with a very dry sensation on the seemingly long finish.  More classic Sangiovese flavors of tobacco and leather are evident in small amounts but the main thrust is the dominant cherry.  Delicious, but I would love to see evolution, say another 5 years minimum.  92 points from me and for the hefty $80 price tag, 4 stars.  If you are a cellaring type, this one will rock a roasted Cornish Hen some day.  Salut….