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In my worldly travels I come across great finds, unique deals and then the ones you have to say hmmm.. This bottle was picked up at the local gas station in Tokyo, for about $5.  I don’t have much faith except it won Best Spanish Producer of 2014 at the Intl Wine Challenge, Vienna.  That was the selling point, plus I trust Tempranillo from Spain far more than other dodgy varietals that were on offer.  Here we go.

I am drinking it out of a water glass, so keep that in mind.  It appears a medium opacity, with nice purple tones.  On the nose- pure Tempranillo with a touch of oak.  Notes of Twizzlers and cherry cola come through.  On the palate it is a basic, decent drop.  Primary flavors roll out with some earthiness.  The lack of much tannic structure can be overlooked since this is an easy wine to drink.  Cherry and cola come to mind and the wine has a decent acidic component.  On the mid palate it gets a little bitter for some reason. The finish is all red fruit driven and I get a certain dryness, not tannic though.  Overall a decent drop for what I was looking for and where I was looking.  86 points and for the price I have to give it 3 stars.  I bought some ham and cheese sandwiches to go along, they hit the spot.  Salut….