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If you know me you will remember that we are moving.  I transferred most of my wine into a climate controlled storage unit, but kept about 50 bottles in the wine fridge.  Some are really nice, pricey and supposed to be for special occasions.  Oh well, they are getting polished off now.  I include this particularly good wine in that group.  Bought for $65 and cellared since 2014 I am looking forward to comparing it to my earlier review.

It shows bright purple in the glass with a nose of plum ganache, black tea, figs and a touch of oak.  On the palate it is super smooth with a tannic bite right upfront.  Flavors of blueberry compote, plum, anise and black olives.  The tannins are pretty forceful as the wine transitions to the mid palate.  A dryness hits the gums and makes me pucker up.  I do like that some times!  The plum theme continues on to the long finish where I  also get cherry cola and another touch of oak.  The tannins peak at the very end, and the acidity balances it all out.  Overall, a very nice package that has matured nicely and is drinking perfectly now.  Not an everyday drinker, I would certainly pull this out for a special occasion.  93 points holds and 4 stars awarded.  Tonight we pair it with Tomahawk Pork Chops, Flat Iron steaks, a Bratwurst, some Cauliflower Cheese and grilled Broccoli.  Salut….