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Given to me by a good mate from South Africa, I have been holding on to this one for the right time.  It shows very rich purple in the glass.  A 70% Cabernet Sauvignon with 15% each Cabernet Franc and Merlot, it is a classical Bordeaux blend.  The nose is a little muted, probably because I just pulled it out of the 55 degree cellar.  I have managed to coax black cherry, ribena and toasty oak after several swirls.  The palate is very smooth, rich plum ganache and black cherry reduction greet me with some somewhat pointy tannins.  The wine has a definite wood profile, but is not over-oaked by any stretch.  Rather, it is a unique flavor in the mix.  Blackberry rounds out the finish which is quite tannic and dry.  My gums are feeling it well into the second minute – quite long.  There is a mintyness that comes across at the end that is interesting alongside a faint licorice note.  Clocking in at 14% this wine is well built, balanced and totally ready for another 10 years in the cellar if you have the patience.  91 points from me for this $49 effort and 4 stars.  Salut….