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A perennial favorite and surefire go-to wine that delivers consistency, value and widespread availability.  It shows off a deep purple in the glass.  The nose is full of blue fruit, coffee bean, a touch of oak.  On the palate I sense some very lithe tannins that are very ingrained with blueberry, elderberry, cedar.  The wine transitions very nicely to the mid palate and the finish gives me a definitive red currant note.  The mouthfeel is very smooth, balanced and easygoing, making this a very flexible wine to pair with a variety of dishes.  Cheese comes to mind as do the Sirloins I am grilling, with some Steamed Artichokes.  The tannins are the longest running portion of this wine, leaving a definitive dry streak on the gums for quite a while.  Not a hugely complex wine, it serves its purpose as an everyday drinker, capable of pairing with meats, pasta, cheese or all by its lonesome.  Drink now.  89 points and 4 stars for this $14 wine. Salut….