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I have sat on a few of these bottle of San Felice for a while now because they were not quite ready the last time I drank one in 2017.  This bottle is showing a semi opaque medium shade of purple in the glass.  Really nice legs are exhibited.  The nose has an earthy tone, pomegranate and cherry.  I also get cardamom.  Interesting.  The palate is far more evolved since the last time, really nice dark cherry, rhubarb and spice box. The wine exhibits a really nice acidity that is even and of the right amount.  The mouthfeel is really smooth, with a nice warmth that leads into a very delicate tannic frame.  The midpalate has more of the red fruits and some dusty earthiness.  The finish is very much a cherry affair, with the acidity and tannins really peaking into a dry, mouth puckering ending.  It’s a really delicious wine, but not quite there yet.  I am seeing evolution, with more to come.  The framework will hold this wine up for a long while, giving me time to re-evaluate over the next 10-15 years with the other bottles.  Overall I am sticking with my 93 point rating and 5 stars for this $45 Sangiovese.  Pairing with spaghetti and sausage meatballs.  Salut….